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What people say about my coaching


“I made positive change towards all of my goals. I cannot express just how much this work has helped me – thank you Kerry.” – Helen, Marple, Manchester

“It took me a lot of courage to try coaching, and I’m really grateful that I did. Coaching has given me a fresh perspective on how I think, and what I perceive as challenges. It’s given me more self belief. I’ve become more productive in my daily habits. Thank you for everything Kerry – I will be back for more!” – Jon, Manchester

“Kerry is the best coach I have come across. My coaching time quickly became my favourite part of the month – I learnt so much about myself. My confidence and belief in myself has soared. I feel able to give feedback to my peers and line manager clearly and openly, expressing the best way to work with me and reach compromises. My focus has increased and I am able to see tasks through fully, thinking clearly to resolution. The results are amazing.”
– Heather, Newton-Le-Willows

“I’m more confident. I am a better parent and spouse now, I am calmer and can actually focus and appreciate the present moment. Thank you Kerry, it has been life changing.” – Daniela, Buxton


“This has been amazing, mind blowing. I’ve now realised how easily you can shift your perspective. Almost like I have found access to some inner truth! It makes so much sense. Everyone should have coaching. Children should get it at school. It helps you develop as a person.” – Suzanne, Brighton

“It’s given me the confidence and freedom to be more assertive in asking for what I need and the tools to structure my personal life in a way that allows me to feel less stressed and more capable all round.

Kerry is an absolute star, this is what she was born to do.” – Helen, Manchester

“10/10 for impact! I opened my mind and faced some deep rooted fears. It helped me to spend more time being focussed, overcoming negative thoughts. I have been working on my goals and I have stopped making excuses. Coaching is an opportunity for you to focus on what’s important, and gain fulfilment today.” – Sophie, Manchester

“Initially I was sceptical that I would talk to you for an hour, it would make me feel good and it wouldn’t DO anything. It hasn’t been like that at all! It has been very purpose driven. I appreciate that you took the time and really understood what’s important to me. That allowed me to get the most out of these sessions. I’ve been able to take actions away that I could work on immediately and then continue to work on day to day – which has been incredibly valuable. My personal and professional life are more in balance. My sales pipeline is now where I wanted it to be. I feel calmer, more effective and more focused.” – Richard, Business Development Manager, Manchester

“During the coaching there was a really positive shift for me. I feel like the old me, back to my best self. At first I felt uncomfortable about it, however it was much easier than I thought it would be. I made small changes, that added up to a big difference. I’ve enjoyed improvements in my work, social life and fitness. I’m feeling more focused and motivated. I am clearer in my thinking – I don’t overthink or let stuff get to me. It’s helped me exceed my personal and professional targets and I’m signing up for more!” – Ste, Business Development Manager, Voicescape

The coaching has brought me closer to understanding my emotions properly and learning how to deal with them in the healthiest way. Also understanding how not dealing with things impacts my life. I’ve let a lot of old stuff go. I am hugely grateful to have had the opportunity for this coaching and could not be more thankful for Kerry’s help. It came at a really good time for me – this was the push I needed to begin a self-improvement/understanding journey.” – Emily, Manchester

“I’m more confident and better at asking for feedback. Everyone should try coaching, it changes people for the good. People are lucky to have Kerry as a coach!” – Joe, Ohio 

“Being an aussie male, I don’t ask for or need help! Then came all change……I reached burn out, nearly destroyed my life. I had coaching that got me through but my coach was not personable, didn’t really listen and I didn’t feel they had my well being at heart. Then I was recommended to Kerry. She is the total opposite, an amazing coach and when all is said and done a really nice, patient and sensitive listener. I feel more than happy to open up to Kerry and she seems to have this power of questions / listening that makes me really think about things and respond without choosing my words, she extracts honest and heart felt answers from me. Sessions with Kerry are like a chat with a friend who you really trust and know wont judge you and just wants to see you progress and grow.” – Ed, Geneva

“It allows you to dig deep and uncover the good and bad, and work on the good. It enabled me to look inwards and truly identify with my purpose, what I want for myself, and what I want to accomplish for those around me.  I would recommend coaching sessions with Kerry any day, she is meant for this! I enjoyed my sessions thoroughly, thank you Kerry! Christina, New York

“Coaching is an incredible process, the essential part being seeing yourself and facing anything negative, the negative things get turned into opportunities for positive change. It helped me to stop listening to my negative voice and improved my life personally and professionally. I have been changed – I am lighter, more peaceful, more confident, aligned and more focused. Thank you for this time Kerry, I will always value it very much.” – Oscar, Mexico City

“Coaching was transformative because it kept me accountable. It helped me feel unstuck and to get to a place where I finally feel I can move forward. Coaching has impacted my entire life. Because I have learned tools and a sense of power in my personal life this transfers to all aspects of my life including work. I feel committed again, less anxious and more dedicated to work. What I didn’t understand is how much the lack of control and satisfaction in my life impacted my work. It was unexpected and so amazing to bring everything full circle, and I found a sense of happiness and clarity both personally and professionally.” – Shelley, Cleveland Ohio

I am more confident in myself. I don’t let my upsets or hindrances define me negatively, nor do I let them take control of my life. Kerry enabled me in seeing sensible ways to reframe my mind, be kinder to myself, and how to process feelings more effectively. All of this has made me feel more self assured because I am better equipped to deal with my lows, and I now know how to build a path to my highs.”– Visha, New York

“Coaching is great way to unload anything from your chest and remove any mental blockers that you’ve created for yourself. It’s incredibly cathartic and just the act of talking to Kerry removes a lot of stress. It’s made me feel more confident and empowered to make decisions and take action. It has helped remove mental blockers which now they’re out the way enable me to be more productive. Being happier at work makes me happier at home.” – James, Manchester

Corporate coaching…

“Coaching was a natural choice for Kerry – she puts so much energy and effort into it and truly cares about achieving results. It’s brilliant to see the results she’s achieved at Purple coaching individuals, executives and teams.

She creates a very safe, creative space for her coachees/teams and clearly cares deeply about empowering others. I’ve personally got a huge amount of value from being coached by Kerry. I think my mental health has improved massively and I feel better equipped to do a good job, and I know this is a sentiment shared by everyone across Purple.” – Dean Cookson, Director of Marketing,, Manchester

“Kerry has delivered 1:1 coaching across a range of roles at Purple, including the executive team as well as leaders and individuals at all levels in the business. She has also coached teams and delivered mass-coaching at company-wide events, both of which have been very well received.

She is highly intuitive and able to quickly build rapport to enable her coachees to work through serious professional and personal challenges, improving individual effectiveness, confidence and wellbeing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kerry as a coach.” – Esther Park, Director of Talent and Culture,

“At first I have to admit that I was sceptical about having a full time coach in our mid sized organisation. As a finance and operations person, I am naturally rational and questioning and I wasn’t convinced of the value that she could add. Having had Kerry as my coach for over a year now, I am a complete coaching convert and agree with Bill Gates when he says ‘Everybody should have a coach’. Coaching has helped me to both generate better balance and achieve my goals in my life.

I wish Kerry all the best with her coaching business, not that she will need luck, she is excellent at what she does. I highly recommend her to any other business considering bringing coaching in, it’s been game changing for both the individuals and the teams within Purple.” – Pete Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Purple

“The feedback from coaching across the business and for Kerry as an individual has been spectacular. We have been able to improve the effectiveness of people in their roles. Those same people have improved their personal lives too. Overall it has been a fantastic outcome for the people and the company.” – Gavin Wheeldon, CEO, Purple

“These team coaching sessions are so helpful and engaging, thank you so much.”

“Great to share points of view & learn about each other.”

“So grateful to you for allowing us to do this coaching. Grateful for the opportunity, I have just loved the sessions.”

“We need to work through these cathartic exercises to get team harmony.”

“You can’t imagine how useful and nurturing these sessions are for the team.”

“I just don’t know how we got along without these sessions before!”

“I am more focused and organised.”

“I’m more effective and have a calmer mindset.”

“I am more efficient, and get more from my team.”

“Happier to stand up and be counted. Given a little more self belief.”

“I have had the confidence to have ‘Radical Candor’ and speak up about something, where I never would have before. I feel I’m better able to push back and say no where appropriate too!”


The above group of testimonials were collected from individuals following team coaching sessions, and must remain fully anonymous and confidential.

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“It has made a huge difference both personally and professionally – I’ve already come such a long way and I have taken learnings to continue my growth with some top class guidance from Kerry.”


“Having a place where I don’t have to wear a professional face is wonderful. Through Kerry’s services, our company is essentially saying that we recognise that our employees are people with good days and bad days, and there’s room for people no matter what they’re going through. I feel like my work performance is supported by having these sessions with Kerry where I can breathe and reset.”


“I really want us to do these sessions regularly, Can we?”

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