What is the ELN?

The European Leadership Network (ELN) is a network of leaders who seek to develop collaborative capacity to address foreign, defence and security policy challenges: European, Euro-Atlantic and Global. Networks are at the heart of everything at the ELN, from providing expertise to giving us leverage in delivering practical policy impact.

The ELN strategic vision is to become a Network that fills the widening gap between what states manage to do and what they need to do, by supporting, complementing and pushing governments in order to prevent existential conflict in the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond. This unique, diverse, intergenerational and pan-European Network of experienced and emerging leaders is at the heart of everything we do.

How the ELN chose their coach

As usual, it was a recommendation from someone that Kerry had been coaching in a previous business. (Thank you, you know who you are!). We had a short chemistry meeting and a proposal with some ideas for how coaching could run were discussed.

Why did the ELN decide to introduce coaching?

The ELN first sought coaching, because of a desire from the women in the team, to better harness their inner confidence. The ELN operate within an often male-dominated field-of-work and wanted to find ways to present themselves assertively. Through Kerry, they discovered that finding this assertiveness has a lot to do with understanding who we are as individuals and as a team.

What did the coaching look like?

We agreed to conduct 8 x individual 90 minute coaching sessions with all the people involved. During this time, we worked out the individual’s core values and we also conducted a short coaching session giving the individual support with an issue immediately. We also agreed on some themes that we could take back to the organisation and progress as a group.

Those themes were then discussed and agreed with HR, and then a Group Coaching session was booked. We covered Productivity, Assertiveness and Work Life Balance as topics during a face to face session.

How did we measure success?

Together with HR we set up the following measures:

  • Activity reports
  • Themes arising from coaching
  • Individual satisfaction ratings for impact and effectiveness
  • Team coaching satisfaction ratings for impact and effectiveness
  • NPS scores ‘would you recommend coaching to a colleague?’

What were the results?

  • Employee average score for satisfaction and impact is 4.5/5
  • NPS ‘would you recommend coaching?’ is 100

What do the ELN individuals have to say about the experience of having an external coach?

“Kerry creates a fantastically warm environment and through that safe space, shares thoughtful and knowledgeable advice.”

“The coaching encouraged us all to be open about the challenges we face, which helped build a better understanding of how we can work together as a team, and where we can best support each other.“

What does the ELN coaching sponsor have to say about the experience of having an external coach?

“We’ve been really impressed with Kerry’s warmth and professional knowledge. We plan to have more sessions – as a team and nearly all of the team hope to continue with individual coaching as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kerry as a coach.”

– Rose Craft, ELN