What is Voicescape?

Voicescape creates and provides Social Housing and Local Authorities engagement software. In summary, Voicescape helps public service organisations connect with their communities. They make software that utilises digital technology, behavioural insights and data science to build trust, drive efficiencies and maximise revenue.

What coaching services have been provided?

Here is a summary of the work that has been done over a one year period:

    • 121 coaching pilot with 2 individuals
    • Speaker with topic of ‘Resilience’ at a large live social housing event
    • Positive feedback from Pilot resulted in roll out to 15 individuals
    • Productivity workshop delivered to team of 20

How did we measure success?

We set up the following measures:

  • Activity reports
  • Themes arising from coaching
  • Individual satisfaction ratings for impact and effectiveness
  • Team coaching satisfaction ratings for impact and effectiveness
  • NPS scores ‘would you recommend coaching to a colleague?’

What were the results?

  • Employee average score for satisfaction and impact is 4.7/5
  • NPS ‘would you recommend coaching?’ is 100
How did coaching impact your work?

Comments from the Voicescape team about the coaching

What do Voicescape individuals have to say about the experience of having an external coach?

“Coaching has had a massive impact on me and my life in only ten weeks! It really has been transformational for me. You gave me the space that I didn’t even know I needed, and your openness, perceptivity and guidance was so skilful.

I feel so much more relaxed and confident, more able to be there for other people around me. I know that everything really is going to be OK. I fully embraced the coaching process and now – I am reaping the benefits.”

Lewis Murray, Account Manager

I am really proud of making positive change through the coaching process. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and now I can enjoy the results. I made improvements in nearly all of the areas of my life that are important to me.

The biggest change I made was with my productivity at work and at home. I am much more organised and positive. Thanks for listening and pointing me in the right direction!”

Robyn Bergin, Customer Success Manager

“Coaching was completely new to me and it has given me a new way of thinking and new perspective.

I have become more organised and disciplined as a result of the coaching. I can focus better, think more clearly and I am more effective and productive at work and at home. It has changed me for the better! Thank you for making it so easy.”

Keiran Gayle, Customer Success Manager

“I’m proud of pushing myself out of my comfort zone in order to have coaching with you. I realised quickly what was holding me back and what I wanted to work on, thanks to your support. I realise now that I’ve got to act if I want change, it’s not enough just to wish for it! Taking small steps has really helped. I’m excited to now use everything that I have learnt, moving forwards. Thank you.”

Joanne Fairclough, Customer Success Manager

What did the coaching sponsor have to say about the experience of having an external coach?

We have worked with Kerry for over a year now. The team have loved the coaching sessions, they have found it all really inspiring. 

She has delivered both group and 121 coaching across CSM, Marketing, Account Management and Sales. It has driven a new culture of people truly believing that they can take ownership of their personal and professional development.  I have seen increased goal setting, goal achievement and a lift in morale and motivation.  The team recommend coaching wholeheartedly to their colleagues.

– Bill Williams, Chief Revenue Officer, Voicescape